Triple Stretchy Bracelet With Amber Beads: 8mm

  • Brand: AmberMaster
  • Product Code: 16-19/B
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  • $150.00

A beautiful stretchy triple bracelet made of natural Baltic amber. Modern designe combines the healing properties of ancient amber with inclusions of natural origin and impressive elegance.

This bracelet is a truly beautiful accessory and consists of three strands of round rare yellow amber beads, which are connected by a large amber pendant. Central amber pendant have rare beautiful partternThis modern and simple design can be worn both for special occasions or just to add something special to your daily outfit.


Size: 8mm

Weight: 20g.

This bracelet is part of our modern collection "Her Elegance" which is specially created to emphasize inner strength and magical natural charm of each woman.

female Designed specially for women.
butterscotch The most valuable and rare color of natural amber.
adult Designed for adults. Because of elastic band is suitable for any adult wrist in size.
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Tags: natural, amber, round, bead. bracelet, yellow, transparent, white, color, honey, butterscotch, inclusions