AmberMaster`s Tibetan Rosary Full Review

Our AM-shop offers a wide selection of Buddhist prayer beads, which are also often called Mala or Japa-Mala, of all possible colors of Baltic amber.

Using beads for prayer and magic is an ancient practice that goes back thousands of years, long before the advent of Buddhism.

Often, a Buddhist (Tibetan) mala is used for meditation, chanting mantras, practicing yoga, as well as for simple fingering of beads with your hands for complacency.

In fact, Tibetan prayer beads from ancient times were made from natural materials such as wood, precious and semiprecious stones.

Amber is one of the most popular organic materials in this case, since it is not a stone, as it is known, it is a frozen resin of ancient coniferous trees.

Amber preserves the ancient history of those times, the very essence of time.

That is why it represents such an interest, because in it is hidden an amazing power that has been accumulating for centuries.

Most often mala has 108 beads, but can be applied and the beads with a different number of beads, usually divisible 108: 54, 27, 21, 18 and 7.

108 is a sacred number in Buddhism and other sacred traditions of Asia.

This is the number of names of God in Hinduism.

As a result of multiplying 12 by 9, the numbers represent the 9 planets and the 12 signs of the zodiac, by multiplying 27 by 4, we find 4 lunar quarters in each of the 27 lunar houses.

A wide selection of such 108 beads can be found in our section with amberTibetan beads.

The most convenient size of beads that fits perfectly in both female and male hands is 9 - 10mm. But some people prefer smaller beads - about 7 - 8mm.

The choice of the color of Tibetan  rosary beads is a matter of individual taste. 

In our AM-store you can find elegant black Mala, perfect gift for a man.

If you look closely at the light, then in each bead of black amber you can see an amazing inner world, because there is absolutely no black amber, it always tries to maintain its transparency.

But only sunlight can reveal this secret of it.


Red amber Buddha beads is the most popular color choice in yoga practice.

This is an alluring deep color that has sufficient transparency to allow you to see the internal patterns. Interestingly, you will never find two exactly the same beads.


Equally popular, but calmer - cognac amber Mala.

This is a lighter amber with a unique internal pattern, calm and pacifying. Ideal choice for meditation!

By the way, each Buddhist Mala bought in our AM-shop has its own storage bag made of natural materials.


Truly the pearl of the amber collection of colors can be called lemon transparent amber yoga beads.

This amazing very bright look has a yellow tint and leaves an impression of lightness and airiness.

Very suitable for women!


An interesting variety of natural Baltic amber is green amber.

It has a light green tint, barely reminiscent of its name. Inside you can see the riches of inclusions of natural origin, which makes 108 Buddhist rosary beads made of green amber interesting for research.


The variety of taste preferences and purposes with which amber Mala is used has led to the fact that we offer Buddhist prayer beads from pressed amber, no less interesting and beautiful.

For example, a rosary made of pressed yellow amber having antique noble color.


In addition, the Mala rosary can be not only a fixed length.

We took care of those who prefer to wear Tibet beads as a bracelet wounded on hand several times and tightened so as not to fall off.

Our Tibetanamber rosary with adjustable knot is the perfect solution for this occasion.


We are always ready to support our friends and custom-make Buddhist amber prayer beads.

Remember: Working with the beads increases as the intention and effect visualizations.

We are also happy to wholesale orders and with interest cooperate with retail and wholesale stores all over the world.