Set Of 35 Honey Amber Cabochons

  • Brand: AmberMaster
  • Product Code: 233-18/AL
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  • $90.00

Set of beautiful small amber cabochons of oval shape fully handmade for jewellery making. Include 35 cabochons of honey color. Each piece polished to perfection, have amazing pattern and shine inside.  

This set contains elements that can be included in a set of earrings, and ring or/and necklace. So you can make a lot of beautiful unique jewellery sets. 


Total weight: 11g


Smallest one: 6.5mm x 8.5mm

Biggest one: 9.5mm x 14.5mm

Shipping $10

Tags: honey, matt, white, yellow, natural, baltic, amber, cabochons, jewellery, making, spare parts, round, oval, shape