Tibetan Zen Mala With 81 Amber Beads

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This knotted mala with 81 prayer beads made with natural Baltic amber. Necklace linked strong thread, so you can not be afraidto break it and lose all the beads. 

This mala can help to relieve stress, heal the body, soul and mind, help spiritual growth and awareness the development of creativity and balance.


Beads size: 10mm

Weight: 50.4g.

Shape of beads: round

Most often mala has 108 beads, but can be applied and the beads with a different number of beads, usually divisible 108: 81, 54, 27, 21, 18 and 7. 108 is a sacred number in Buddhism and other sacred traditions of Asia.

This is the number of names of God in Hinduism. As a result of multiplying 12 by 9, the numbers represent the 9 planets and the 12 signs of the zodiac, by multiplying 27 by 4, we find 4 lunar quarters in each of the 27 lunar houses.

Using beads for prayer and magic is an ancient practice that goes back thousands of years, long before the advent of Buddhism.

Working with the beads increases as the intention and effect visualizations.

**Amber gems is considered that the curative properties when used for intent or during meditation.**

Gender Unisex
age_​group Adults
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