Butterscotch Amber Stone Ring

  • Brand: AmberMaster
  • Product Code: 88-17/AL
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  • $80.00

A fashionable, delicate amber ring with a milky, butterscotch amber stone.

This fashionable amber ring is beautifully styled and fully made of natural baltic amber piece. The Amber stone boasts a bright yellowed-white hue, known as Butterscotch Amber. 


Inner diameter: 16.5mm

US size: 6

UK size: L

German size: 52 (16.6)

Weight: 2.5g

**To find your size please see our online table for determining the dimensions**

unisex It looks equally good for both men and women.
butterscotch The most valuable and rare color of natural amber.
adult Designed for adults.
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