For everyone who treats jewellery with all the passion, caring for it is not only important rule, but also just a pleasant habit.

Amber is a special case. This is one of the most delicate and soft gemstones that are used in jewelry.

Observing a few simple rules in taking care of your amber jewelry, you will prolong your joy for long from his divine beauty and radiance...


  • Keep amber jewelry as far from sources of very high or low temperatures. Do not leave gemstones in particularly cold places in the cold season, do not put them near the heaters. Especially dangerous for the sun stone sudden temperature changes

  • Avoid contact of amber with any perfume and household chemicals. One drop of perfume - and gemstone will be not the same! Wear jewelry before you go out. Do not do household chores in jewelry.

  • Amber is soft in its structure and easily deformed from mechanical impact. With amber jewellery you need to handle carefully. You can not drop them or carelessly throw them on the table, because they can be cracked.

  • Strange as it may seem, the sun stone does not tolerate intensive and prolonged contact with the sun. It can not be left for long under the scorching sun. Amber, like all the gemstones and jewelry, must be stored in a dark box. But it is also important to take into account another feature - the sun stone can not live without the sun! It must be periodically "taken" out with you, so that he recharges itself with the sun and finds its magic inner light. Otherwise, amber can lose fantastic brilliance.

  • It is best to store each item in a separate solid box, upholstered in velvet, so that the gemstone does not crack with an accidental impact, and not scratched against each other.


  • It is recommended to rinse amber under clean water from time to time. Pay attention - the water should not be hot! Slightly warm or cold. Do not use brushes and scourts for cleaning amber - they leave scratches. Only soft flannel and woolen fabrics are like.

  • It is not recommended to clean amber in a soap solution, as it is an extremely sensitive gemstone, and the modern composition of soap almost always contains chemical compounds. Amber, like turquoise, mother-of-pearl and other porous minerals, is panically "afraid" of the destructive effects of chemicals. Sun stone can immediately become covered with a white coating.

  • For cleaning amber it is extremely necessary to use only specialized compounds. If you do not have them at hand, you can use simple salted water - dunk the jewelry for twenty minutes in a solution.

  • After water procedures, be sure to rinse the stone with clean water, dry it and polish using a soft cloth and olive oil.

  • Especially valuable items are not wetted in water, and briefly wrapped with wet napkins, and then wiped with a soft cloth to enhance the shine.

Important to know!

Steam cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning are not suitable for cleaning amber! Such procedures will destroy the sun stone.

What if the amber becomes cloudy?

The turbid amber is gently polished with a mixture of tooth powder and paraffin.

It is necessary to grate a bit of paraffin on a piece of flannel fabric, add a little tooth powder (not pasta!). Then you need to grind everything to the maximum homogeneous mass.

Polish the surface carefully, without strong pressure, with light movements.

After that, the residues of the polishing compound are completely removed with a napkin or any other soft cloth. And again, rub the surface of the stone with a soft flannel.

Amber will shine as new.