• Brand: AmberMaster
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  • $125.00

An exquisite pendant of transparent & yellow color in a refined frame of gold plated sterling silver will be the highlight of your evening outfit and will emphasize your subtle silhouette

Perfectly shaped and polished coarse stone with unique internal structure has an ideal shape resembling a tear, sometimes called a pear. This pendant will give refinement and nobility, attracting the eye of every passerby. The pendant is framed in sterling silver, covered in gold. 

This elegant accessory is a part of our Silver-Golden Spring Collection ("SGS"), which creation was inspired by the coming of spring and the return of warmth.


Size: 24 mm x 39 mm

Weight: 10.22 g

Tags: jewelry, yellow, teardrop, natural, eggyolk, amber, filigree, yellow, transparent, pendant, jewellery