Stretchy Bracelet With Amber Beads

  • Brand: AmberMaster
  • Product Code: 4-17/A
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  • $110.00

A yellow, baltic amber stretchy beaded bracelet for adults. A classic and simple stone bracelet.

A beautifully natural, baltic amber, bead bracelet. This bracelet features a number of perfectly polished, bright yellow and white, natural amber pieces. The stones radiate incredible colours, demonstrating their natural beauty. The amber beads are joined together, threaded through a stretchy plastic rope which is sturdy and flexible. Unique and modern touch to the natural design.


Weight: 37g

female Designed specially for women. However, modern men often prefer a similar form in bracelets.
butterscotch The most valuable and rare color of natural amber.
adult Designed for adults. Because of elastic band is suitable for any adult wrist in size.
Shipping $10

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