Stretchy Bracelet With Varicoloured Amber Beads 11mm

  • Brand: AmberMaster
  • Product Code: 265-18-AL
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  • $80.00

A stretchy baltic amber beaded bracelet for adults made of amber. It consist of 6 red cherry amber stones, 6 yellow transparent amber stones and 6 white pressed amber beads - all polished and rounded to perfection.

This bracelet is a truly beautiful accessory, where saturated beads have ideal round shape. 

A completely amber bead bracelet featuring a number of perfectly polished amber pieces. 

This modern and simple design can be worn both for special occasions or just to add something special to your daily outfit.


Size: 11mm

Weight: 14g.

female Designed specially for women.
multicolor The bracelet consists of alternating natural bright cherry, natural lemon and pressed white amber beads.
adult Designed for adults. Because of elastic band is suitable for any adult wrist in size.
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