Amber Filigree Bell Pendant

  • Brand: AmberMaster
  • Product Code: 157-18/AL
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  • $100.00

An exquisite pendant of saturated yellow color with a unique pattern in a refined frame of gold plated sterling silver will be the highlight of your any outfit

Perfectly shaped and polished coarse stone with unique internal structure has an ideal shape resembling a bell. This pendant will give refinement and nobility, attracting the eye of every passerby. The pendant is framed in sterling silver, covered in gold. 

This elegant accessory is a part of our Silver-Golden Spring Collection ("SGS"), which creation was inspired by the coming of spring and the return of warmth.


Size: 24 mm in wide part (13 mm in narrow part) x 26 mm

Weight: 6.68 g

female Designed specially for women.
yellow Natural smoky yellow color of amber.
adult Designed for adults.
Shipping $10

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