• Brand: AmberMaster
  • Product Code: 210-18/AL
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  • $160.00

A stretchy baltic amber beaded bracelet for adults made of combination of natural amber and pressed amber7 big multicolored & 7 small pressed yellow amber beads polished and rounded to perfection. Natural soil inclusions inside of multicolored beads. 

This bracelet is a truly beautiful accessory, where transparent amber with gentle amber shades color beads have ideal round shape. A completely amber bead bracelet featuring a number of 14 perfectly polished amber pieces. Amaizing inner world amber with incredible internal dainty detail. This modern and simple design can be worn both for special occasions or just to add something special to your daily outfit.


Size: 7 beads - 22.5mm & 7 beads - 9.5mm

Weight: 48g.

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